Tuesday, January 3, 2017

That Extra Step

The Not-Frosted Windows
As far as resolutions go, I have my default ones of being more compassionate to myself and to also get my health regimen in order.

This year there's a third element. Instead of fully saying what I mean, there are often times when I say something a notch below what I really feel. I'm going to work on that this year -- taking that extra step. Here's the perfect example. I went to my first January yoga class yesterday.

I put my mat in the back where I tend to like to practice. I saw Jill, who I hadn't seen since October, and she was up front. She told me that she doesn't mind being up front and she knows how it feels to be new and unsure etc. Then she said And it's cooler up front by the door. Sold! I moved my mat and Jill helped me to bring my other yoga props to the front of the class. It was a full house. My first thought was "F... this; I'm not doing yoga in January." Instead of saying what I was thinking, Jill was the one who said I hate yoga in January. Why didn't I just come out and say that?

Of course, we talked it out and discussed how we both came to be at that studio because of a January special and that we know that it will thin out etc.

I also thought to myself how this is the perfect opportunity to practice "real" yoga -- the yoga of patience, the yoga of finding calm in the center of a storm. The yoga of focus. Of sharing. Of forgetting about personal space. Of being a better person in less than ideal circumstances.

If you attend 25 yoga classes this month, you're entered into a drawing to possibly win a year of yoga. I'll come close but not close enough as I don't have the stamina for 25 January classes...

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  1. I would like to go on a yoga retreat in the south of France. Why not. I don't love the vegan thing, but as long as someone else is cooking I don't mind :-)

    This is interesting, about saying what you mean instead of a notch below. Clearly in your example it was a learning opportunity for everyone! So you should say what you mean because otherwise you're depriving yourself and other people of growth.

    Dang I'm turning into a yogi or something.