Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Arrivals or Month-End Review, January

I've been doing much better with water intake. If I can just get a solid night's sleep and shake this uncommon cold, I'll be in great shape.

Since I've been drinking more water and also trying to get in more steps per day, I've lost two pounds which seems like a drop in a bucket but it's amazing how a few pounds will give you breathing space -- clothes-wise...

During the chair yoga workshop, the woman across from me was taking many pictures and I hoped that they were at an angle that didn't include me. Imagine my surprise as I scrolled through social media and saw myself. I love taking pictures but I don't like to be in them but you really don't have a choice these days...

Here's how I moved my DNA this month:

Climbing, 1 x

Country Line Dance Party!
*Scoot Those Boots, 2 x's

Dance It Off & Firm Up!
*Rock It!, 1 x

Just Walk: 5 Mega Miles
*Mile 1, 2 x's
*Mile 5: Ab Walk, 3 x's

Latin Cardio Party

Pound Class, 1 x

Swimming, 3 x's

Walking, 12 x's

Weight Watchers: 7 Day Tone & Burn
*Tone, 1 x

Yoga, 11 x's

Zumba, 7 x's

Here are a couple of 'grams from the chair yoga class. I told Alison that we look like gangsters or nasty women in the one picture.


  1. LOL the first photo. I would never be able to get myself into or extract myself from that chair.

  2. Now you see why I toppled over during the class...

  3. Also I like that when you post photos of people you apply a filter or whatnot to disguise them. That's considerate. I try very hard on my blog to protect everyone's identities, not just my own.

  4. Regarding photos, I try to be respectful... It's weird nowadays because very few people ask permission about posting pics and, before you know it, you're on Facebook or...