Sunday, January 29, 2017


Went to yoga on Monday* night even though I have large crowd fatigue right now. Four of the people that I know and who are in teacher training were sitting front and center. As I went to the lobby to put away my iPod, Joy said that she felt like a piece of the puzzle was missing and she just feels like I should be in teacher training.

Yes, there is a part of me that would like to do teacher training but...

Hell, what I would really like to do is get a Master of Arts in Yoga Studies. I've been listening to yoga podcasts which is how I even knew that there was an M.A. in that area. The person who talked about getting a yoga degree is actually my first teacher in some ways. When I ordered a DVD from Netflix, it was Sara Ivanhoe's Crunch: Candlelight Yoga so it was nice to hear the story of how she arrived at making her first DVD before yoga became so popular in the U.S...

Loved what Gina Murdock had to say during a Yoga Revealed podcast:
If you don't do the work, you're like a puppet; it's like what you say sounds like bullshit.
After Monday's class I went to visit with one of my colleague's new kitty. He is so freaking cute, well, until the moment when he went behind my back and starting scratching on my yoga mat. Luckily, my colleague knows more about kitties than I do and caught him in time...

I signed up for a yoga workshop in December and I made myself sign up then because I didn't want to miss out on visiting yoga teacher because of apprehension that I had over the level that a chair yoga class can be taken to.

Even though I felt that I was out of my lane and out of my league because the class had so many yoga teachers in it, including one that was super bendy, I just tried to remind myself that yoga is all about what happens on your mat. As Annie likes to say, have the courage to do XYZ -- if that's what you need during a yoga practice.

At any rate,  I survived -- despite toppling out of  my chair once. Sean Haleen, who led the workshop, is extremely knowledgeable about yoga. One of my favorite moments happened soon after the class when he splayed out on the floor. Sean had taught and demonstrated yoga for five plus ours that day. Sharon met him where he'd dropped and she moved his legs to one side and did other stretches and Sean said that no one ever touches him -- because they're afraid and I could see how that can happen because of his level of expertise but, of course, everyone likes appropriate touch.

Yoga Class!

Seven-ish hours down, two more to go...

Tweet of the week:

*Lots of distractions, including being TKO'd by the common cold.

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