Saturday, January 21, 2017


Had to remind myself to unclench my jaws on Friday. I cannot possibly have clenched jaws for the next four years. Also reminded someone else of this but she said that if she unclenched, bawling would follow. Sometimes you just need to bawl.

Least favorite sentence right now about DJT -- I didn't want him to be president but I want him to succeed.

Seriously, succeed at what?...

Wanted to go swimming on Friday -- my new swimming day until January yoga immersion is complete but the founder of Humans of St. Louis, Lindy Drewwas giving a talk at the Regional Arts Commission and I reasoned that the Humans talk would not happen again anytime soon but that I could go to the pool another day.

There was a lot to admire and enjoy about Drew's talk, including listening to her story about pursuing a career in photography. She went to school to be a doctor but enjoyed photography much more.

I really liked something that the new parent/human in the picture below said about sleepless nights, crabbiness and not getting caught up in little, frustrating moments but zooming out to look at the bigger picture.

Wasn't sure if I'd have time to go swimming today but I managed to squeeze it in and, of course, the first thing that I thought about was The Moth story about Black people swimming in a hotel pool and the staff responding by pouring acid into the pool.

I finished swimming and walked into the locker room and the main lifeguard got this mischievous look on her face then wiped her hands on the beach towel that I had around my next. She usually sneaks into her kids lockers to do that. It's hard to explain but that little moment made me laugh and relax..

Oh yeah, did you hear the one about the St. Louis Public Library?  The city library, for real?

Here's one of my favorite Instagram's right now:


  1. I wish I had words of comfort, but I have no comfort myself. I can't help others right now, but I'm trying to get there as quickly as possible.

    Being in the march yesterday, I know there is hope. It's being called the largest protest march in American history. I got a lot of energy and optimism from that march (just not enough to counteract the horror entirely). Bu there were so many good things. It makes me see the potential...

    I like the last line of that Instagram. See you in the morning, sisters.

  2. Yes, definitely use the oxygen mask first.

    The hope and the horror, for real...