Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Back At It

It was good to get back in the pool and good to catch up with my swimming tribe. Apparently, there are new tribe members so I didn't get in a lap lane which put me closer to the pastor's wife who does a water aerobics kind of workout.

At one point I was resting and she said that if we were on a boat that crashed, I would survive and she would be shark bait. I told her No way, I'd do the side stroke and take you with me. I'm still surprised when people compliment me on my swimming.

Later on she told me that she'd torn her rotator cuff about a year ago while picking louse out of someone's long hair...

As I finished up my laps this other woman said Hey, girl -- I barely made it.  She told me that her sons, 16 and 19, do a lot of stuff around the house but she still cooks for them. After our exchange, she got busy and hustled down the lane...

Got an email from the Y the other day which got me thinking about taking an intermediate swim class. I dunno...maybe I'll just read the book about swimming that someone gave me and/or look at videos on YouTube to enhance my swimming skills.


  1. LOL did you see on the Big Bang Theory when Sheldon thought he could learn to swim from a book?

  2. No, I didn't. Tried to find it on YouTube and did find a 32 second clip. I agree with Sheldon -- the skills are transferable. 😊