Monday, February 20, 2017

Goings-On, Part Deux

The day after my aunt collapsed, she looked better and threw me a smile. I can't even explain how ridiculously good that made me feel...

I've also been thinking about this tweet a lot.

Was on social media last night and saw a yoga class advertised at a studio that I've only been to once a while ago but decided that I would practice yoga then walk around Forest Park but got to the studio and the class was canceled so I went straight to Forest Park.

Listened to the rest of episode two, Gregor, of the Heavyweight podcast and then I listened to an episode of  Yoga Revealed. I'm really enjoying both podcasts.

How is it that I've never heard of Moby who was featured in the Gregor episode?...

I love taking on the trail at Forest Park; it's like an unofficial and short marathon route. I also have a lot of gratitude that I'm able to walk for that long with no real issues.

Police Horse Stables

Looks Like Winter but...

The Formerly Blue Shoes

A Record 18,000 + Steps (7.30 miles acc'd to Garmin)
One of my favorite #LastNightInSweden tweets:


  1. Have you seen Yoga Hosers? It gets one star on Netflix, but sometimes those are the best movies.

  2. I haven't but will check it out.