Sunday, February 26, 2017

Steam and Time

Went to the pool this past Tuesday after a brief hiatus and one of the coaches of the youth team told me that he had been waiting five years for me to be one of their swim coaches and I politely told him that if I had more time and talent, I would do it.

I am, of course, flattered that anyone thinks that I swim decently...

The level of eye itchiness decreased gradually until about two days ago when the  itching stopped altogether, hallelujah...

Even though trees have been blooming and daffodils and crocuses have been pushing up through the earth, I was still surprised to see a fully yellow forsythia bush...

(Yoga) Gloria invited me to a vegan meal last Thursday and I felt truly spoiled. Everything was yummy and most of the recipes came out of Thug Kitchen 101. I decided to make the Turmeric and Sweet Potato Soup from that book today.

Squash, Book, Vegan Parmesan

Tahini Fudge

Turmeric and Sweet Potato Soup
In other news, I am exhausted. Yesterday I went to Zumba then ran many errands including picking up my bike and, later on, I went to visit my aunt for a spell.

Because I like to post things to social media, I took a photo by the bike shop's newly painted and eye-catching wall. Later on, I examined the picture.

I have more room in my clothes but haven't really dropped any weight according the scale but I thought Not bad... Although, a side view might have yielded a different response.

I wanted to go see Art in Bloom today but I totally ran out of steam and time.

In the words of Sharon Salzberg in Lesson 23 of the meditation challenge: May you be well. May you be peaceful.

Lesson 26: May you know physical happiness.


  1. I used to read Thug Kitchen website. Didn't know they were in book form also.

    We have Art in Bloom at the art museum here, too.

  2. Re: Art in Bloom, cool.

    Did you make any "thuggish" recipes? I just ordered Thug Kitchen 101 from the library.