Thursday, May 18, 2017


When I walked into work this morning I wondered how, if I chose to, working 80% would impact my life. I, simultaneously, heard my grand and great grandparents verbally scoffing -- like Do you know what we had to go through?

Went to my cousin's wife's General Education Development (GED) graduation last night and there were more graduates than I expected -- about 150.

The person who stood up the most last night, for awards etc., was a German immigrant who said that she was on the wrong side of the wall and didn't get the education that she wanted. The immigrant did very well in her language classes because she was one of two students who gave a speech and you could hear her passion for education.

The second student speaker was my cousin's wife and she talked about how many attempts she'd made to get  her GED and how her husband, who doesn't think he deserves any credit, was instrumental in her setting aside a day for studying and continuing on her path. She also thanked the school for never closing the door on her...

I hadn't realized that "K" had dropped out of school in the seventh grade due to family issues etc.

After the student speeches, I thought "It's never too late" but there was also part of me thinking that sometimes it is too late but then I remember the people who learned how to read in there 90's etc.

Out of all the graduation ceremonies that I've been to, I found this High School Equivalency one the most moving...

The Two
Talked to my aunt Debbie after the ceremony because my twin uncles just lost one of their half-sisters (heart attack at work). I found out last night that my aunt Debbie is the youngest on both side of her families. Didn't realize that she had just as many siblings on her father's side as she did on her mother's side. How did I not know this information?

Today I was talking with a contractor that I work with and she talked about how everyone rushes time but she believes that time rushes by at an unbelievable speed and has no desire to wish away certain days...

Two of my favorite pictures from last night.

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