Saturday, May 13, 2017

Your Lucky Day


I made it back to my yoga mat after a 15-day hiatus and it felt really good. I had read an article in Prevention magazine that was a reminder of why practicing yoga is so good for your mind and spirit.

In Other News:

Chiquita texted me sometime last week to say that one of our cousin's had died. No one, except for his mom, was surprised. Our cousin lived a hard life and alcohol got the best of him. I feel really bad for his mom who is not doing well herself. 

People have a lot to say about the town that I was born in. It got the first chapter in Jonathan Kozol's Savage Inequalities. A lot of us did well but a lot of the black men did not...

Today was my cousin's funeral. 

I met up with my mother over at my aunt Girt's house and I wanted to drive because my mother often chauffeurs people around but I think that my mother is leery of my driving skills or, rather, she thinks that I drive too fast. At any rate...

Got to the funeral home and saw my aunt Debbie coming out. She had some gently used workout clothes that one of her friends no longer wanted...

One my of high school classmates officiated the service and one of the first things that he asked us to do was put up two fingers then feel our pulse. He went on to talk about the importance of breath, living etc.

When it was time to go to the graveyard, I rode with Chiquita. The service was a short one so when we arrived at the gravesite, there was still some final issues that needed to be addressed. I couldn't remember where my father's grave was at and, of course, Chiquita remembered the general vicinity and I was able to find it. Blew my mind that it's been almost 12 years since my father died. Really, where does the time go?

Chiquita In The Driver's Seat

I went to school with my deceased cousin's sister and it was not lost on me that she can hardly stand on her own since she has a bad case of arthritis...

Next, Chiquita and I went to pick up my aunt Alice and when she saw me, she said When did you two crooks meet up? I started cracking up.

We went over to another cousin's for the repast and I had fun watching Chiquita have fun while listening to my aunt Girt who said many funny things. It is also interesting to watch what happens between my mother and my aunt Girt. You would think that my aunt Girt is the oldest the way she likes to ask my mother to bring her things etc...

After the repast, I headed to get my glasses. I usually get them in Illinois at an "outlet" for $40 dollars. As I walked in, a pair of glasses called my name. Why didn't they call out to me two weeks ago? I wasn't crazy about the glasses that I picked out but I was overwhelmed by the choices and just went with something so that I could get out of the store. At any rate, the glasses are growing on me but I still might order a second pair.

After picking up my glasses, I treated myself to some scented, whipped shea butter lotion plus a few bath bombs. I also got Chiquita one because she needs to unwind...

Left home at 11:30 and returned at 5:30. Ate then I headed back out as I wanted to get this Trader Joe's popcorn that my mother likes but when I got to the shelf that holds the popcorn, it wasn't there. I went up to customer service and a young lady told me that the truck should have just made a delivery. 

It's your lucky day she tells me as she cuts open the box and I relieve it of four bags.

Flower Cupboard Almost Bare


  1. What a day! So sorry about your cousin. And glad you had some yoga time.

  2. Thanks, Gingerzingi. I'm about ready to clone myself.