Saturday, December 15, 2012

Less Pussyfooting

As I swam, I saw someone at the other end of the lane. Sigh. It was the same woman from last time. Plus, she didn't ask last time which is "bad" swimming etiquette. Okay, she didn't get in the water until I made eye contact with her.

I’m back, she said. Sigh. Does she not like sharing a lane with anyone else? Was I sending out a special share-my-lane vibe?

But funny things happened whilst lane sharing.

No claustrophobia like when I first started swimming and another person got in the lane with me.

Maybe I didn't feel claustrophobic because I’m better at the front crawl.

As I shared the lane, there was less pussyfooting on my part.

Less experimenting with my body position.

Less trying to breathe into the area of my armpit.

Less concern about the little pinch that I felt in my right hamstring or the quadriceps' tweak.

I think, in the words of Ice Cube, I just did the damn thing because I wanted to be at the opposite end of the lane since I didn't want to do side-by-side swimming.

I also think that my form was better because I didn't want to encroach on the other swimmer's space so it became like moving between two panes of glass like you do with half moon pose or like getting close to a wall to work on your kettlebell clean in order to follow the mid-line to make that zipper-like motion.

Before I knew it, I was on lap 26. You know what that means, right?  I was so close to a mile that I could not pass it up. Maybe lane sharing is not such a bad thing..


  1. LOL! I guess you have to take your inspiration wherever you can find it...

    1. Exactly...

      When I went swimming on Tuesday, it even felt odd to have the lane all to myself.