Thursday, December 6, 2012

Beacon and The Swing

Beacon in the Night

After kettlebell class last night, my body’s report was immediate: tweaked quads, calves, glutes and shoulders. I took my ruined body to yoga and the class was everything that I needed plus more.

We had all kinds of goodies: bolsters, straps and blocks.

Who needs a pelvic swing? Madonna wanted to know as she pulled more accessories out of the closet.

I felt like a vertical snow angel as we had our arms in crossed straps while opening our shoulders.

While in the pelvic swing, Madonna told me to grab onto her ankle and she walked my left hand toward the right side of my body. Voilà, spinal twist. We even stretched our biceps while in the yoga straps.

And what was it about having a strap around my left hip and having my right leg upright and suspended from a strap on the yoga wall that made me sleepy and content?

I also did a back-bend from the swing with assistance from Madonna. 

After the most amazing savasana, we sang om once. The woman across from me, well, her om was like a world traveler. It went up and down, back and forth, around the room then came back home. Amazing class. My apologies to the people at Target who were subjected to my post-yoga singing...


  1. Let it be known that I want to get back in yoga as soon as I safely can. I'm jealous.

    1. Since I’ve been averaging four days a week, I totally feel you and hope that you’re able to get back on the mat soon. Don’t know what I would do without yoga.