Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tantrum Style

I call this picture Self-Portrait: Taking the Bike Inside or What Happens When You Have an iPod and Like to Take Pictures.

There’s something nice but ominous about wearing shorts and short-sleeves in December in the Midwest.
I've been on my bike two days in a row because I, obviously, can’t resist the weather.

After riding, got ready to practice with Pure Yoga a.k.a Gloria who talked about effortless effort and being compassionate to your body. She talked about compassion just around the time she led the class into a “cheerleader” split. I haven’t done one of those in ages and didn't try...compassion.

Right before savasana, we put our legs up in reverse table top and kicked our legs tantrum-style. I love this situation and also dug wagging the tail where you move your hips from left to right.

I even managed to start dinner somewhere between my bike ride and yoga. I’m not sure what attracted me to this recipe so long ago -- lots of chopping and lots of dishes involved. It’s  been so long since I made it that I had to Google How long does balsamic vinegar last?

Onions Galore

I’m trying to get momentum again with cooking. I've been making soups but kind of tired of my small rotation and tired, for a minute, of Steamfresh vegetables and my chicken that I get from Trader Joe’s. If I can cook on Sunday, it definitely sets the right pace for the week since I don’t need to wonder what I’m going to eat. Dinner's already done and I can go off and do my exercise thing…
Suspect Balsamic Vinegar


  1. I thought the same about the OMINOUS when my parents told me the temps yesterday in Pennsylvania.

    soooo odd.

    1. It will be interesting to see what winter holds...

  2. You inspired me to ask all three of my Monday classes to strengthen lower back and abs by throwing a tantrum on their mat....not to be confused with tantric yoga. LOL! Very therapeutic!

    1. I can see how those forms of yoga could be confused. ;)

      That's cool that tantrums took place in your class. I didn't really think about the tantrums working the abs. I was focused on throwing a socially acceptable tantrum.

      I was very aware of my abs the next day though.