Sunday, April 23, 2017

Leaning Back

My mother and two of my aunts were supposed to head to Chicago at 7:00 a.m. yesterday to say goodbye to a 100-year-old "friend of the family" but she transitioned on Friday.

What to say about Mrs. Dove?

  • She was one of my babysitters. 
  • She kept any balls that strayed into her yard when kids weren't careful. 
  • There was a manger scene on her porch through the seasons, throughout the years. 
  • If there is a heaven, she is there as she was a staunch believer who didn't hurt anyone with her beliefs.

During my last conversation with Mrs. Dove, she talked to me about her siblings and her parents and I believe she quoted that verse about obeying your parents and your days being longer. She also told me that she had just eaten so she was going to sit up as opposed to going to bed.

Her health was pretty good up until recently. In fact, she drove her car into her 90's. I will miss her presence in the world. As one of my friends likes to say, sometimes cliches say it best: they don't make 'em like Mrs. Dove anymore. Mrs. Dove's older sister,, by the way, is still alive.

Went to the Earth Day celebration at Forest Park yesterday. Did yoga and walked around a bit...

Muny Practice Stage Transformed into the Zen Den for Earth Day

One Million Faces Project
Today, Gloria had a yoga class in the park and I went.  We were a small group so Gloria did a lot of adjustments. When we did chair pose, she came to me and asked me to sit back on her thighs -- making it a pretty low chair. I was very hesitant because the ground is not even, duh, AND I weigh twice as much as Gloria.  She came by again while we were doing half moon pose and part of me wanted to move forward and readjust rather than lean back into her and trust that I would not bowl her over but I did lean back and everything was fine.

It was a sweet class as I haven't been in one in a long time where there were hands-on adjustments.

When I was in reclined pigeon pose, Gloria came over again and asked me to put my non-bent leg on her leg. Yummy! She told me that I could do that using the wall. Part of me wanted to tell her to hold on while I reached for my iPod. It would have been a sweet picture -- part of my leg, Gloria looking down and the sky and a tree behind her. I think that I must have been a photographer in another life...

Zoomed in on this cat when I returned home from Trader Joe's. He darted between the bushes but stayed long enough for me to go into the house and get my real camera.

So, to sum up, I went to yoga today then shopped at Trader Joe's, walked, read, cooked and I can't believe that the weekend is almost over. Didn't get nearly as much accomplished had I had hoped.  I haz a sad.

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