Friday, April 21, 2017

My House Is Clean

Monday, April 17th

All the neighbors had cut their grass; I had not because of lawnmower issues that I knew existed at the end of grass-cutting season 2016.

Tuesday, April 18th

I went to look at used lawnmowers but the employee told me that all of the 40 + mowers on the lot actually belonged to people and he doesn't have any used ones available but he does refer me to a gentleman who lives around the corner, behind a high school and has a gold Chevy Tahoe in the driveway.

Just call him when you pull up.

There's no need to call because he's in the driveway working on stuff.

I'm immediately captivated by the tidy, well-organized garage.

Evening of April 18th

I fret over whether to get an electric or gas mower. Also keep looking at Angie's List to see if I can get someone to cut the grass and, therefore, buy myself time to look around.

Wednesday, April 19th

I return to the guy who sells mowers out of his garage, purchase a gas mower, go home, change clothes, walk the yard and collect debris then cut the grass. I am relieved when I finish around 6-ish, take a shower, wash my hair. For dinner, I eat a big bowl of cereal.

Also realize that I forgot to pay a bill.

Thursday, April 20th

I take the lawn mower that is not working to the shop that buys broken things...

The retired gentleman that I bought the mower from also gave me a little class -- how to clean the filter, change the oil, store gasoline. He also gave me an extra spark plug. Deep down, I know that he has done a good job restoring the mower because he is a total geek about how mowers work and I feel good about buying from someone who is retired and enjoys what he's doing...

After getting rid of the problematic mower, I go to wash the layer of pollen off my car. As soon as my feet hit the ground, a woman approaches me.

My grandson had a cockroach in his ear -- not from my house because my house is clean. I need $14 dollars to get his medicine and I have two dollars already.

If I'd had anymore change, I would have given her a couple of dollars -- just for coming up with an original story.

Friday, April 21st

I'm in line at the grocery store and this woman with kids keeps telling them You better get a job in response to their pleas for candy.

I am shocked when the 18-year-old clerk wants me to identify the tomato and onion so that she can look up the codes. She says that her mom doesn't cook and that she doesn't have the time to learn how to...

Three weeks

The amount of time it takes me to get 342 pages into Freeman by Leonard Pitts, Jr.  I don't normally read historical fiction or, more precisely, I don't like to read tales that involve slavery because it puts me in a bad place but, here I am, on a back-to-back binge.

Went to the library after work to pick up another book because I know that I will be jonesing for the next read after Freeman.

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