Saturday, April 8, 2017

Nth Degree

According to the Calm app, Wednesday was International Calm Day. Who designates these days?

At any rate, in honor of Calm Day, I had access to Calm Premium including a sleep story. I feel asleep on the sleep story so I guess it worked...

On Thursday I headed to Gloria's. She prepared everything since she was subbing for someone and wouldn't be home until around 7:30 p.m.

I'm thankful that Gloria has gone vegan and invited me over to witness the spectacle because I had really reached a point where I was stuck with cooking. If nothing else, I have new go-to recipes from the Thug Kitchen cookbook.

It's kind of like the woman at Zumba who told me that she doesn't go the bathroom closest to her at work -- makes perfect sense. Sometimes, you just need a reminder...

I don't go out of my way to eat celery but Gloria had it in our salad. For some reason, I thought that I didn't really care for celery but it was good -- especially with hummus on top. My taste buds have also matured and I didn't take that into account. Same thing with blackberries; remembered them as being too seedy but I didn't mind them on Thursday...

Alison and I have been totally out of synch of late. We were negotiating about which day to go biking and we really didn't reach an agreement. In the end, I woke up early then went back to sleep and when I thought about the mess in my trunk, I lost the desire to go biking so I went to  Zumba.

As I turned on the "Zumba Street" I saw this guy, who appeared to be homeless, giving drivers the middle finger salute. I laughed so hard. Just about everyone has been getting on my nerves lately. Oh, what I would give to salute a few... ;)

Later on Alison messaged me and asked me what I was doing. We decided to go biking so I guess everything does not need to be planned to the nth degree.

On our way out, a hawk landed nearby and several people stopped to watch him eat his snack. One bicyclist was not amused -- On your left, lady.



  1. I'm laughing at your back-and-forth with Alison. It seems that it all worked out.

    I have a tip about celery: that's a vegetable that is highly pesticided. You can taste it, it's that bitter nasty flavor. Invest in organic celery, and always wash it thoroughly anyway.

    Also I'm sorry about the chemical congestion, it sounds awful. When I win the lottery this weekend, I'm going to build a pool for you, that you can control the amount of chemicals in it.

  2. Yes, everything worked out with Alison. Sometimes we bike with another woman and it gets even more interesting.

    Thanks for the celery tip. Hadn't thought about "dirty" fruits and vegetables in a while...

    Thanks also for the pool promise. :) Think that I need a saltwater one at this point.