Sunday, April 30, 2017


Two dreams in one week about being in cars that spin out of control.

In the first dream, my father is at the wheel. Inexplicably, we spin in the direction going against traffic and before we hit the divider, I wake up.

Thursday, I woke up early then went back to sleep and, in a short time period, dreamed that I was driving and all of a sudden snow appeared on my windshields -- completing blocking my view. I tried to find the brakes before I ran into anybody. Woke up before colliding or being hit by anyone.

During dream three on Saturday, I don't spin out but there is subtle yet significant damage to the right door panels...

Let's see, slept through the start times of three yoga classes today. Didn't have too much hope for making the 8:30 a.m. one anyway. I've been a night owl for as long as I can remember and I have to drag my ass out of bed most mornings and don't like to do it on the weekends.

Because of the little monsoon, 10:00 o'clock park yoga was canceled...

Finally the rain stopped for a minute and I headed out to do grocery shopping which I usually do on Saturday.

Sunday is the new Saturday.

Went for a walk even though I didn't feel like moving. A barking and unleashed dog approached me and followed for a bit. I thought about what I could hit him with if it got to that point but his owner heard him barking and came out.

Had to rewind the podcast, Pick Up The Soap, that I was listening to because I didn't hear a word as I thought  about strategy.

The two days of rain have me feeling wrecked. Plus, I'm still dealing with congestion which is not as severe as it was but still present.

Yesterday's Storm Clouds
Went to Gloria's on Thursday and we had a Falafel Pie that wasn't a Falafel Pie because falafel mix couldn't be found. Gloria picked the flowers from her rose bush and sent me home with them. It's been a simple pleasure to look upon.


  1. Oh those roses are beautiful, I'll bet they smell wonderful.

    I've had dreams like that with cars, not being able to see the road for some reason. In one of them I went off the road over a cliff, and crashed, and actually died in my dream, which I didn't think was possible and is every bit as horrible as you would imagine.

    Sounds like kind of a crappy week with dreams and dogs and missed yoga. H0pe this one is better.

  2. Oh, your death dream does sound horrible. This week was a bit better but I'm definitely feeling off...