Monday, April 3, 2017

Twenty Five Days

I've been writing this post for about five days now -- starting, stopping, starting...

The congestion monster had all but faded then I decided to go swimming last Tuesday after a 25-day hiatus and... could hardly sleep because of chemical congestion. It was a TKO.

Ugh, I will probably need to look for a nose clip or give up swimming for a while until the outdoor pools open. It's a bummer since I like having a water activity but I am trying to look at it as an opportunity to do other things. Case in point, I'm going climbing tomorrow with an out-of-towner which will open the door for me to do Zumba on Wednesday with a teacher that I really like...

Spent a lot of time trying to figure out this song that I liked during another Zumba class. I referred to it as the "The Ponytail Song." Between a colleague and hearing a few lyrics on Saturday, I was able to figure out that it's a Britney Spears song, Slumber Party. I now find myself listening to songs that I would normally thumb my nose at.

Went to another Zumba class tonight. Grace doesn't have a regular class but when she subs the classes are packed and the atmosphere is electric. After class, you find yourself high-fiving people and sending them on their way with good wishes.

After tonight's class, I headed to the grocery store next door and overheard a Zumba classmate tell this youngin', who had also been in class, Don't text and walk; people have gotten killed like that. I thought that was so cool. No "please" -- just don't do it...

A colleague forwarded me an email from one of her friends with suggested podcasts for #TryPod week. Most of the podcasts are on my radar except for Kind World. I listened to episode #36, When The Sun Came Out, on the way to Zumba on Saturday and got totally teary.

When I walked on Sunday, listened to the rest of a That's So Retrograde episode and learned about CBD suppositories and "Beaver Butt Juice." Regarding the latter, who thinks of stuff like that?

I saw someone post her meditation stats on Instagram and learned that it was from the Calm app. You can do the seven-day challenge for free but for the rest of the meditations, there's a subscription fee. Wish that I had known that before I downloaded it since my iPod is starting to look like Deray's phone minus all of the notifications.

Love the Calm screen that greets you upon opening the app...

Speaking of meditative practices, I cooked the Vegetarian Pad Thai from one of the Thug Kitchen cookbooks. Loved it but there was a lot of chopping involved. I would definitely make it again. Just wished that there was more time to do stuff.

Final Product


  1. "Beaver butt juice." Reminds me of ambergris from whales. Yuck.

    I have a couple new podcasts I really like: "Myths and Legends" and "Science Vs." I might just enjoy the Australian accent on Science vs.

  2. Never heard of ambergris and watched so many seasons of Whale Wars...