Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Oh, The People...

Yesterday the 'Fugee and I took a field trip to Konjic, a town about 75 minutes away from Sarajevo. It was a nice bus ride albeit a little hairy on the way back which was downhill and winding.

When we hit town, the 'Fugee asked this woman for recommendations as far as where to eat and drink coffee. She was pretty funny as she told the 'Fugee that we were NOT going to drink coffee in just one place. She also said that if she didn't have groceries, she would join us.

After consulting with the advisor, we went to check out this wood shop and a wood museum then we headed across the bridge to a restaurant and that's how we spent our day in Konjic -- eating, drinking coffee, admiring the scenery and changing vantage points.

Mulicev Rekord

Enough food for...
On the way back, we asked another woman what was the best way to get back to the bus stop. She was hilarious... I asked her, as if she spoke English (with an expectation that the 'Fugee would interpret), had she lived in Konjic all of her life and she responded "yes" then said that she had studied English. She had difficulty speaking but understood most of what I was saying.

P.M. sun hitting the "Old Bridge."
When we got to the bus stop, I asked the 'Fugee where was the official sign and she chuckled and said This is not America -- people just know...

Sun hitting the mountains on the way back.
I would be remiss if I didn't mention that today is World Refugee Day. What to say? The hashtag that sums it up is #WithRefugees.

World Refugee Day Sign in Sarajevo

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