Saturday, June 3, 2017

Such and Such

Could not bear to finish reading What We Have Unleashed in Slate then Bill Maher, who's rubbed me the wrong way before, just casually used the n-word -- what an asshole.

First noose. Second noose. Deadly stabbings. I'm gobsmacked...

Alison pulled the friendship card, big time, as she wanted to go practice yoga amongst goats. Did I want to to go? No. But sometimes you have to do stuff that other people want to do. So we headed out to a farm an hour away. It took almost an hour to use the facilities but that's another story.

We headed to the area designated for yoga and then the goats were let out. Neither Alison nor I thought about getting goat feed and that was probably a smart move. The goats were pretty unobtrusive except for looking in the occasional bag, trying to sip out of water bottles and chewing one woman's hat. The goats pretty much roamed about and ate grass and leaves.

Didn't do much yoga as I was too busy taking pictures. It did feel like we were in a time bubble and that was nice. Think that I enjoyed the pigs wallowing in mud the most. And hats off to the peeps at the farm doing their thing.

Such and Such Farm

After goat yoga, we grabbed lunch then I picked up my car at Alison's then made five stops including one to pick up dinner. Worked in the yard for an hour and picked up four mosquito bites. I try to mix up the repellents and this time I had on a natural one which didn't work.

Washed the allergens and stank off me and, now, just trying to, internally, settle down plus get the word gobsmacked out of my head.


  1. Bill Maher is a TOTAL asshole, and just as hateful and rage-filled as his counterparts on the conservative media. He's their mirror image. I stopped listening to him years ago, when my liberal friends still thought he was just the greatest thing.

    LOL the goat yoga. I'm surprised they weren't more intrusive. They are very curious, as far as I've observed. Maybe you are some kind of goat whisperer, sending them chill vibes.

  2. I've always like that quote about wisdom and calling things by their proper name. You nailed it. Maher = total asshole.

    Re: the goats, it was probably the collective vibes of 30 + yogis. :)