Thursday, June 29, 2017

Seven Kuna

The 'Fugee's friend that was supposed to come with us had scheduled vacation time but was needed at work because of her unique skills etc. The 'Fugee sent her some pictures and told her that we were thinking about her... She told the 'Fugee that God had given this "time" to us and we should enjoy it.

If I had my way, I would have enjoyment for the masses...

I can't even remember what all the 'Fugee and I did before we headed off to Split the other night. What I do remember is that our bus driver drove like an aggressive bat out of hell. The third time that I mentioned this to the 'Fugee she told me what they used to say about such people -- He drives as if he has potatoes on his bus -- not people.

Split, wow, a lot of people in the Port of Split. Lots of people. Performers on the program and street performers trying to earn a kuna. Stunning architecture, lots of places to ear but too many people for me.

Port of Split

When I saw how much it cost to travel from Split to Austria, I had a moment of regret that traveling abroad never got on my radar when I was younger. The only person that I knew who'd gone abroad was an uncle who went to Germany because he was in the military.

At any rate, I've had a great trip and I'm not going to let "could have beens" diminish that fact...

Theatre, Split

Drama about what happened to people in Vukovar.

I had a superb juice of apple, pineapple, mint and something else and, of course, I had to use the bathroom not too long after that. I don't understand the scarcity of toilets -- especially in Split with the mass of humanity that visits. Eventually found a toilet and paid seven kuna then my iPod fell into said toilet. It came back on but there are issues...

We caught public transportation back home and the 'Fugee asked two young ladies a question and when she said thanks, they responded simultaneously in a singsong voice "Nista..."

The line to get on the bus was long and a single file line? Forget it. Personal space? Forget it. Air conditioner? Forget it.

This bus driver also took hairpin turns at an impressive speed. When we got off the bus, the 'Fugee asked me to slow down. "I'm walking as if I have doll's feet" she said.

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