Tuesday, June 15, 2010


"Let me know when I can talk," my cousin said while I was distracted by the frenzy of the Celtics/Lakers' game on Sunday.

My cousin could have talked as much as she wanted since she told me that my face et al. looked slimmer. She also gave me the muscle vs. fat spiel about how muscle looks leaner. I love the muscle card...

On one hand, the scale says that I'm in maintenance mode but my pants feel looser.

I once heard this joke about a man who had an affair. His wife says that she saw him with her own two eyes then he says, "Who are you going to believe -- me or your lying eyes?"

Hope my cousin's eyes aren't lying.

If the pants that I recently tried on are any indication, my cousin's eyes are golden. I got in a size 12 which I've been itching to try on. There was very little room for negotiation but, by golly, I got in them.

By the way, I feel lost in the store now. I feel like I don't belong in any department and I just sort of wander around...

Went to Kate's class tonight. I slid in, as usual, with about three minutes to spare. I head towards the step platform and risers but I'm waved off and told that we're doing 30 minutes of kickboxing moves then strength training. Lesson for tonight: Kate doesn't need props to kick one's butt.

Kate even had the nerve to say that she has the best job (i.e. butt-kicking) in the whole wide world. She also confessed to listening to aerobic music in a non-exercise environment.

Before class got started, Joy asked Jane who will be helping her out after knee surgery. Jane says no one.

Joy: What do you mean no one?

: No one. I live by myself and I will get through this surgery by myself.

: If you give me your number, I can bring you dinner.

Jane: No thanks.

Me: Joy, my number is...
I thought Joy's offer was sweet. Gestures like that renew my faith in humankind even though I might be semi-jaded right now.


  1. Congratulations on getting into those fabulous looking pants!! You are so strong and dedicated. Sounds like you had a great workout with Kate!

  2. @Angela,

    Thanks. :)


    Hopefully, I'll soon have a little more room in a size 12 -- still felt good though.

    I think the Peace Corps' slogan is the toughest job you'll ever love -- kinda of the way I feel about Tuesdays with Kate.

  3. Wow. Go you!

    I actually put on a few pounds lately, but I think it has to do with the climbing and the fact that I'm lifting more weights to train for that. I don't think I've gotten bigger, just maybe a bit more toned.

  4. Sara,

    I've actually been clocking in at a higher weight. I'm going to keep my muscle card in my purse because I'm going to play it quite frequently... Really, it has to be muscle; it better be muscle. :)