Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Out Of The Mouth of Kate

About four Cardio and Muscle classes ago, I decided to dispense with the internal whining and just stand my ground and do planks, squats -- you name it; I embraced it. Still, you never want to hear these two words come out of Kate's mouth: I'm tired.

When she said that phrase, I walked over to Joy and told her that class was going to be very hard. About two beats later, Kate said that she'd had a two hour nap which just about made me shake in my Nike.

About 15 minutes in, it felt like time was standing still but it's all about, as Kimberly over at Living the Fit Life talked about, leaving your comfort zone.

Even cinema supports my effort. I was watching a movie on Friday. Actually, I fell asleep on a movie on Friday and finished watching it on Saturday. My friend likes to protest because I, apparently, have a hard time staying alert since I've taken on my second job i.e. exercising.

I was watching Shall We Kiss? (Un Baiser s'il vous plaît?), a quirky little French flick which I liked because the director, at least, shunned the formulaic.

Câline's former boyfriend wants to know why she is not upset about their breakup:

All you can do is wait for your injuries to heal. No point in whining about it. It (anger) won't make your injuries heal quicker.

That's the way that I feel about my shoulder now: C'est la vie and let the games begin. And that's the way I feel about Kate's class.

Besides, according to Kate, her class has all kinds of benefits. All of that leg work, one-legged mountain climbers (platform-assisted) et al. is supposed to make us sleep better.

Me: ThAnKs
Have you thanked your cardio instructor lately -- even if it was in a slightly sarcastic way? Seen any good movies of late?

Here's an interesting video about dinner plate inflation. I kept trying to embed the video but it kept giving me Keith Olbermann. Ha...


  1. I am going through the same thing with my hammie. I keep thinking, when is this stupid thing going to stop being an issue? True, I don't have problems with it when I walk or do stairs. It's only when I am stretching to do some Yoga poses that it announces its presence.

  2. Angela,

    We are definitely on the same page. I was thinking that it's been a month -- why won't the kink go away. Now, I'm trying to concentrate on what I can do instead of what I can't; hope you're doing the same...

  3. Come on planks are awesome! I've been doing them everyday. I'm trying to keep up my strength for the surgery and I figure that's a good place to start!

  4. Sara,

    One woman's planks are another woman’s???

    Actually, I’m getting better at holding planks and, hopefully, I'll be fond of them soon.

    I'm glad that you're training. Stay strong...