Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Point of Well Being and the Assistant Assassin

When I went on a cruise about a year and half ago, I went to a lecture by the acupuncturist on board and she handed out neat brochures. See how long I keep things?

I decided to return to an acupuncturist that, ironically, I saw before I went on the cruise.

Areas of concern:

  • Body Tenseness (i.e. I wrecked my body over a two day span which started with a Kate Tuesday evening special)

  • Rotator Cuff

  • Weight Loss Plateau

  • One of my friends went with me and she told Dr. Ginger a.k.a. Dr. Xinsheng Jiang that I was also having issues with my hands which are calm for now but I've had what I believe to be contact dermatitis.

    Old Picture

    The cruise ship's brochure touted acupuncture as a treatment for pain management, weight-loss, detox as well as for:

    The first thing that Dr. Ginger asked me about was PMS. I told her that I was good as gold. I'm sure that being overweight wreaked havoc with my hormones but it wasn't until I saw Dr. Ginger that my symptoms disappeared. Hasta la vista suffering.

    After the niceties and inquiries about my regimen, Dr. Ginger went to work. I soon had six needles in my shoulder area on my left arm in addition to two additional needles in my lower left arm.

    Dr. Ginger's student i.e. the assistant assassin put the needles in my stomach and I don't know if the stomach is just more sensitive than the arm or it's Dr. G's skill but let's just say that I felt those six needles when they entered the stomach. I also got a needle in each hand and one in each leg. Then, the heating lamps were turned on. Instinctively, I start breathing yoga-like.

    Dr. G also wants me to drink this tea. In addition, she gave me a three day diet to follow which I'm almost sure that I won't. For sure, though, I felt relaxed after my treatment and I'm hoping that Dr. Ginger will have worked her magic once more.

    When I told a colleague that I intended to see an acupuncturist this weekend, she said that if I suddenly lost 20 pounds in one week to let her know. I told her that Ginger is an acupuncturist not Houdini even though she's magical and all.

    I continue to find this commercial funny. Hee-hee???

    Have you ever been to an acupuncturist or thought about going?


    1. I have thought about going to one for my back but haven't yet. We live in a very small town and I'd have to travel a good distance. I hope that she worked her magic once again for you!

    2. That commercial is sooooo funnnnnnyyy!!! OOOUUUCCCHHH. I've never been to one and doubt that I'd ever go. The whole thing with the needles makes me weak. I'm too scared!

    3. @Diane Fit,

      My friend primarily goes for her back and, yes, Dr. Ginger worked her magic again. The rotator cuff is not 100% but it definitely felt and feels better after the treatment. I was also able to do the backstroke the next day which I hadn't been able to do. :)


      I'm glad that I'm not the only one who finds that funny. :)

      Re: the needles, I was nervous the first time that I went and a little this time as well but I barely felt the needles except for the ones in the stomach...