Saturday, June 19, 2010

Somebody Done Told You Wrong

I literally just untangled and uncrumpled my still damp sports bra and shirt I had on this morning when I went rock climbing. I went straight from climbing to get an acupuncture treatment. This method is not 'Drea approved since freshening up and lunch were not in the mix.

I had an incredible time rock climbing.

Patti was there.

Mike was there.

Joe was there.

Plus, some newbies latched on. I think we spent more time talking than climbing but I was quite happy because I made it up Somebody Done Told You Wrong. I climbed it much better than I did last time. So, yay, for improvement and thanks to Joe for giving me pointers as I made my way up the route. Patti continues to amaze me. Her technique is great and if you saw the way Patti scrambles up the wall, you would agree with me.

My shoulder didn't feel odd while I was belaying but it did the other day when I was doing Pilates; it's a weird little injury, I tell ya.

Route Tally:

  • Under the Bridge, 5.6 (Warm Down)

  • Sponge Bob, 5.7 (Warm Up)

  • The Seven, 5.7

  • Chag, 5.9/5.8

  • Festival of Britain, 5.9 (I resorted to rainbow climbing and attempted this one purely to practice.)

  • Somebody Done Told You Wrong, 5.9

  • I raced to meet my friend and we headed to see Dr. Ginger. This time, I hardly felt the needles (ten of them) that the assistant assassin put into my stomach.

    After treatment, I felt a lot of intensity (healing?) in the area of my shoulder. After the initial session last Saturday, I went swimming the next day and I was able to do a lap of the backstroke which I hadn't been able to do before without feeling that subtle but yucky kink in my shoulder. In addition, I was so relaxed after acupuncture that I didn't feel my usual Sunday malaise and that, my friends, was priceless.


    1. You go girl!! I hope that the acupuncture leaves you feeling the same way tomorrow as it did last week. :D

    2. Great job on the climb, talking with friends and that shoulder feeling better. I hope your week goes well. And yes - father's do get breakfast in bed. Sometimes!

    3. @Angela,

      I feel pretty good right now. :)


      Thanks. It feels good to be able to tangle with the 5.9's now. :)


      Thanks. It's been a great weekend and I'm hoping that it will carryover to this week. I hope that your week goes well too and I'm glad that there's breakfast in bed equality. ;)

    4. Awesome job!! This looks like so much fun! I wish we had a place like that here!

    5. Lindsay,

      Thanks and it IS fun; although, I do have to remind myself of this fact sometimes. ;)