Friday, June 25, 2010

Rx For The Wrecked Body

The wreckedness all started with Kate's class on Tuesday: fast feet, lunges, squats, jumping jacks etc. I remember sweat rolling down my chin as we were holding a plank and the saltiness hitting my lips as it continued along its path.

My calves and glutes were so tight, I felt as if they needed the pressure let out of them and, as I was lifting my bike onto the rack, I knew that I should have rested but I have a little addiction going. When I tweeted that I had overdone it, Purty In Orange tweeted back:

Color me surprised. LOL
All that to say, I did gentle yoga yesterday and felt almost instant relief. How I arrived at relief in pictures:

Check out how FLY midlife_swimmer is in this photo essay.

In addition, Rachel over at Body by Pizza echoed some thoughts that I've been experiencing in Inspiration > Desperation about self-sufficiency et al.

Have a beautiful day...


  1. Love the poses. Glad you are feeling better. :D

  2. You have a beautiful day too. I felt relaxed after reading and looking at this post.

  3. @Angela,

    Thanks. It was a twofer since my body and mind felt better after yoga. :)


    I love a relaxed state. ;) I should do yoga more often.