Monday, September 19, 2016

Another Year

Figurine and Salt Lamp
What's a woman to do on her birthday when two of her main partners-in-crime are away? The 'Fugee has pulled a carpe diem move and is away indefinitely and Alison a.k.a. Elastigirl was attending a weekend-long workshop.

My aunt Girt texted me about a week before my birthday to remind me that said birthday was on the weekend and wanted to know what were we going to do.

I knew that my aunts etc. would be out of contention for the a.m. because they go to church so I ended up going to breakfast with Chiquita, Patti and Jessica at one of my favorite restaurants, Rooster. Hell, it's everyone's favorite restaurant. Protip: if you're in town and plan to go to Rooster, call me first -- then let's agree to go at 9-ish when the wait won't be forever.

Chiquita says that I give very good gifts making it extra hard to find something for me. I decided to be more humane and presumptuous by taking out some of the guesswork. I made up a list of some things that I wanted.

My aunt Debbie texted me to say that she had forgotten to ask me about my wish list but she still gave it a try because she was out and about but when I told her what I wanted she laughed and said that she would just give me money.

A few of the items on my b-day wish list:
  • Resuable Sandwich Bag
  • Namaste Car Decal
  • Bath Bomb
  • Stylus Pen with Cute Print
I went from breakfast to yoga. Jessica is the only one who would go with me. The yoga class was super sweet -- slow-paced and we used yoga tune-up balls. I know what the 'Fugee is thinking -- These are tennis balls and I've used them before!

Went home after yoga and ordered food from Everest Cafe. Took a shower then went to pick up the food then headed for a massage. I woke myself up a couple of times snoring during said massage. By the way, I highly recommend a birthday massage.

Got home and my aunt Girt pulled up almost at the same time that I did. The food was still lukewarm. If you could have seen the look on my mother and aunts' faces as I explained what I had gotten from Everest Cafe, you would have fallen out laughing or thought that it was an episode of Fear Factor.

Momos and Tandoori Chicken...

At any rate, my new year got off to a great start...


  1. Oh no! I can't believe I missed your birthday. It's even on my calendar!

    I guess I didn't check in much over the weekend when I was camping. No wifi :-)

    Love the presents. I'm sorry everyone was out of town, but it sounds like you had a pretty nice day anyway.

    Happy birthday! [late]

  2. I did have a nice birthday and I'm still celebrating so thank you for the wish.

    I'm glad that you were enjoying being off the grid. 😊