Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Good Swimmer

Felt like I'd been away from work for weeks instead of one and took that as a good sign.

I had a great staycation -- not sure what made this time so much better than previous post-birthday vacations but I'll take it.

On Saturday went to Crystal Fest and on Sunday went to Active Nation Day at Ballpark Village. As we were practicing yoga, I heard this buzzing sound and just as I looked up the teacher let us know that it was a drone. I'm pretty sure that when I signed up online, I agreed to have my picture taken or something like that but, ugh, the horror. As Alison said, "We've been droned."

Later on I looked at the organizer's website and alerted Alison that the video was there but, as she said, the footage wasn't scintillating enough to go viral. We were both thankful.

I also wanted to go to the Strange Folk Festival but it was so hot this past weekend.

Went swimming tonight even though I feel a little under the weather. This woman asked me how many laps I usually do and she talked about her lap goals then said But I don't swim as good as you. It still surprises me when someone mentions me...swimming...and good in the same sentence.

Last night I went to yoga and we got the chairs out! Joy joked that we were not going to do geriatric yoga but whatever -- chair yoga, gentle yoga -- count me in...

Zen Garden from Crystal Fest

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