Sunday, September 4, 2016

...Float Until

The weather was stunning on Friday so Forest Park beckoned and I walked around it for two hours and thought about how much I like the park that that includes several museums, an outdoor theater and a zoo.

Forest Park
Listened to several podcasts including Radio Hour: Phone Call, Flamenco, Surprise Party from The Moth. I haven't finished the episode but got goosebumps listening to Auburn Sandstrom's tale...

A colleague once suggested that I go for a float and I poo-pooed the idea saying that I'd rather go for a massage than a float until... I saw a group coupon for a float. I had some misgivings but booked a float for yesterday evening.

Opened the door and set off the wind chimes. I was immediately sucked in by the decor and the soft music.

Got my instructions, took a shower and got in float tank number two. Really didn't know how I was going to do with the door to the float tank closed but I did just fine. The ten minutes of music that eases you into sensory deprivation is such a smart idea.

It didn't take long before I got a bit emotional. Also kept thinking about that silly Dalai Lama joke.

One of the things that stays with me is the number of times I was able to breathe so deeply. Often, during yoga classes, I feel like my breaths are so choppy and abbreviated.

Before Enya piped into my suite, I was also struck by the sound of my beating heart...

Took another shower then went to the relaxation room to have tea and to read the Far Side.

Relax and Enjoy Life -- Sign in Relaxation Room
This cartoon from the Far Side made me think of an artist that I know.


  1. LOL the Far Side cartoon. Life is never still, right? :-)