Tuesday, September 6, 2016

More Please

The weekend was superb.

You can get a lot done in four days -- long walks, yoga, mowing the lawn, swimming, hanging out with friends and family and cooking. More please...

Gave myself a pep talk yesterday as did many folks that I encountered. I kept telling myself "It's okay; you'll have more time off soon. You can do it..."

Had my Tuesday conflict again -- should I go swimming or should I go to yoga? I actually visualized myself in the pool but went with yoga because I missed my Monday night session due to Labor Day and I actually got invited to a resident-only pool by a resident so I swam yesterday. Still, my brain craved the Tuesday night swim session.

There was an actual line at the pool; you would have thought it was a line for Disney World but I guess lots of people wanted to say goodbye to summer.

Can't stop thinking about this Elizabeth Gilbert quote...

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