Wednesday, November 30, 2016

How To Keep Swimming

Went swimming last night and the new tribe of three was there. The one guy mentioned Errol Flynn and Jamaica again. I talked to his buddy as our feet dangled in the water and neither one of us was particularly enthusiastic about swimming laps but we both got in and I kept swimming because my lane neighbor kept swimming.

At some point, the Flynn fan introduces himself as Dale then tells me a "joke" which he is prone to do:

Two men wash up on the shore and they don't speak to each other for 50 years because they were never properly introduced.

Dale is a retired math teacher and tells me some formula regarding swimming and burning calories which might be true for fast swimmers but not for me. Dale's friend and my lane neighbor, David, swam a mile and he thought that I should have been close to a mile but I wasn't.

Dale and David exited the pool and I kept my eye on the male kid who takes swimming lessons and whose mother takes him to the locker room. The kid exited the pool and his teacher gave a long synopsis of the lesson. I waited to go to the locker room to give the mother a chance to get her kid ready and ended up swimming longer than I intended to and, by this point, I feel that my body has molded itself to the water and I'm reluctant to get out but I want to go by Target and it was almost 9:00 p.m...

On another note, I'm having dreams of going to Kripalu for a month and when I go to Kripalu, I will dreadlock my hair. One of my colleagues tells me that people in Spain call dreadlocks -- rastas and I think that's super cute...

I finished reading The Twelve Tribes of Hattie and now I'm reading Do Your Om Thing. Think it's kind of funny that I'm only on page 25 but the book is already saturated with cat page markers.


  1. I've never dreadlocked my hair but when you go to Kripalu I'll braid it or something in your honor :-)

  2. Thanks for the solidarity. 😊