Monday, November 14, 2016

Things I Miss

Whenever I travel by plane, I try to get my important papers together in case I never return -- my slight unease about airplanes, I suppose.

Of course, any day could be my last day...

The yoga retreat was amazing -- with the exception of the election results and it didn't matter whether I was in St. Louis or Negril, I was going to have to deal with that reality. Haven't read or watched much news but probably should not rely on that strategy for four years but it's hard to watch a troglodyte in action.

Before I left, part of my tribe at the pool told me about Errol Flynn's love for Jamaica which was not on my radar at all. I had no idea that Flynn had set aside money to conserve some of the land. One of the guys remarked that it was a pity -- God had given Flynn a good body and gifts and he had destroyed them. Looked for information about Flynn and came across this article in Vanity Fair.

I'm still processing my vacation, big time.

Still indulging.

I miss traveling around with 13 other people...makeshift outdoor yoga studios...warmth...the Caribbean Sea.

"Feel The Riddim In The Palm of Your Hands"

My Nikon Coolpix has been having battery door issues from the get-go as far as not closing and now part of the battery housing is actually coming off. I'm going to treat myself to a new camera -- one with wifi. I like taking pictures too much not to have a proper camera and I already regret not getting the sixth generation iPod with the better camera.

At our last dinner I ordered an ice tea that tasted sour. I kept trying to adjust to the flavor but finally decided to walk myself up to the counter and tell them that the tea didn't taste good. I asked for a fruit punch and when it arrived, it looked more like an alcoholic drink. I was about to give it way. Before I tasted it, the young lady next to me said You need to get what you want. I'm still learning not to settle and hope that it doesn't take a ton of lessons.


  1. I had a huge crush on Errol Flynn when I was a child. I loved him in Robin Hood.

    That photo of the tree is really cool.

  2. Just finished reading a little about Flynn. He was handsome and, apparently, a lot of women thought so. "In like Flynn..."

    I've also been reading more about Bob Marley and I'm still shocked when I'm reminded that he died at 36; he accomplished so much in his short life.