Thursday, November 3, 2016


The usual folks have not been at the swimming pool but I've acquired a new, small tribe. Are you coming on Friday? It's kind of nice to be held accountable. The one guy swims in the lane next to me and, very often, motivates me to keep submerging my body in pursuit of another lap.

My new-ish coworker, Katie, belongs to the same gym that I do and she also likes Zumba. We hoped that David would bring his A-list of Zumba songs since he tries to mix it up with a variety of playlists. The B and C-lists are okay but they are not as compelling to us as the one with the Get Dirty warm-up song.

Well, we didn't get any of David's lists because he wasn't there yesterday. Katie whispered to me We have a sub but I recognized her and didn't panic. Konnie's routines have a thousand steps in them. She's soft-spoken and kills you softly. I was happy as all get out when she played Thriller. That routine is super fun and that tune/dance was worth the price of admission...

When my alarm goes off in the morning, I turn on the TV and watch a bit of CBS This Morning. Had a total MLB hangover which was made worse by listening to a snippet of a focus group with Millennials.  This one woman said that she was voting for Trump and was trying to debunk the myth of the "deplorable" Trump voter then said, in part, that the divide in the country is due to the African-American president of eight years. I was so proud of the young man who said that her statement showed that she didn't know the historical narrative behind the divisiveness...

Talked to one of my coworkers about trying to do my best to tackle as many tasks as I can with integrity and to try to emerge unscathed but I also told him that it's impossible to wrap everything up in a tidy bow. Oh my, you should have seen the smile that spread across his face followed by a most sincere chuckle.


  1. Listened to a podcast, I think it was TAL, about a town in Minnesota(?) that had an influx of Somalian immigrants. The white people were getting all freaked out and trying to ban them and pass various other laws, and it seemed like everyone they interviewed said, "These are good people." (the white people). And that was such a disconnect to me. Being a racist xenophobe trying to restrict other Americans' freedom seems like the definition of a bad person. I mean, how can you say, "I'm a good person EXCEPT for..." ?

    And they all said they weren't racists. I guess they believe that, but I think they need some eye-opening on what racism is, and hopefully the courage to examine their beliefs and attitudes. That's not easy but it's hella easier than being a Somalian refugee in a racist town...

  2. Bernie Sanders tweeted that he didn't think that the people voting for Trump are sexist or racist and Mary Beth Williams, a writer for Salon, sent him a series of responses saying that she is sick and tired of people making excuses.

    Also, I watched a Nightline episode about how some religious people are torn because somehow voting Republican is associated with having good values. I seriously cannot see the logic. You're voting for Trump out of a sense of morality? That's just blindly following someone and not using your brain or heart.

  3. This is exactly why this election is such an upheaval. There is simply no excuse for voting for Trump. No matter how much someone doesn't like Hillary Clinton, hers will be a stable, mature administration. Trump has *repeatedly* insulted and threatened women, minorities, Muslims, imigrants, and Jews. His running mate is a homophobe and has a terrible record on women's health. I know I'm not the most enlightened person in this country, but at least I see that a Trump administration would be a disaster for Americans who are NOT straight white male Christians. That includes a lot of my family and friends. I care about them and what would happen to them under a Trump presidency. I know that I personally would be okay - I'm white and past child bearing age - but many people I love would be in jeopardy if Trump is in power. I don't understand why people don't see that. Do they not see, or do they not care? I care a lot.