Monday, November 7, 2016

The Day Later Post

Currently in Negril and had to get up before dawn cracked in order to get "the wanna get away" fare.

Couldn't sleep before taking off. My body was so tense and I kept telling myself to unclench and relax but never really slept until I got on the Orlando to Montego Bay flight.

We stopped to eat, checked in, settled in then headed to the beach to walk and watch the sunset. 

The other yoga retreat participants arrived today but I wanted to get to Negril earlier so I could recuperate from traveling. Like IKEA, traveling requires stamina.

My hamstrings were pulsing this morning so I did yoga in my room for twenty minutes since the official yoga games are not slated to start until tomorrow.

And, oh yeah, I was so emotional when I woke up this morning. Gratitude, I suppose, for reaching my destination and starting my relaxation regimen.

Since Joy was on airport duty for the other participants, I decided to visit a hotel up the street. Had breakfast then went on a tour of the farm where I sampled sea grapes, argula, cilantro, peppermint and was told a ton of stuff about Mother-In-Law's-Tongue et. al that I can't remember. 

The sea grapes were amazing and I can't wait to get my hands on them again.

*Wifi in room is spotty.


  1. I'm so glad you're back in Jamaica. It makes me feel better, even with the BS that has just happened here. What are sea grapes? Is it just grapes that have a salty taste from the location?

  2. Tried to respond to this earlier but Blogger (and wifi) was not behaving in Jamaica. Sea grapes are not salty and they are the most delicious grapes I've tasted... They grow in the tropics.