Sunday, November 4, 2012

If At First You Don't Succeed, Rake Leaves

My car misfired or something on Friday and I was hoping that it was my imagination but as I got on the highway to head to the climbing gym on Saturday, something didn’t quite feel right. The engine light popped on and the car starting shaking. I took it to a mechanic who told me that an ignition coil was gone. Funny since I have new ignition coils. I’m starting to think that my “regular” mechanic has been using cheap parts.

I tried not to pout about my car but I had been looking forward to decompressing through physical activity and I had been looking forward to seeing friends. Instead, I raked leaves which ended up being pretty therapeutic.

Zen-ish Garden
And, so, the plotting began. I automatically scratched swimming for Sunday – too far away but how would I get to yoga? It would take me 42 minutes by bus and, avoiding busy streets, 25 minutes by bike. I could easily strap on my yoga mat or borrow one, albeit an icky one, from the gym.

In the end, my aunt let me borrow her car. I swam, raked more leaves and tried to oscillate my breath during downward facing dog. Alas, I didn’t feel much oscillating happening but it was nice to be sockless, on my mat and connected to so many people.

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