Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Grease That Slid Down The Counter

I ate the macaroni and cheese. I had enough sprouted grain bread for one almond butter and preserves sandwich for the ride back home – so I ate the mac and cheese and it was definitely not low fat. There was not one thing about the concoction that had reduced anything.

I ate the fried turkey even after I stepped in the grease that slid down the counter and made a puddle.

I ate the sweet potato pie knowing that sweet potatoes are sweet enough.

I traveled with oatmeal, sprouted grain bread, Chobani, preserves, Kashi snacks etc. but, in the end, I didn’t carry enough.

I did not like breaking my four year streak of not eating fried foods but I’m moving on and, next time, I’ll take more food…

I went on a pre-Thanksgiving Day meal walk and was hungry when I returned. I peeled an orange and asked my sister-in-law if she wanted any of her orange. I got those for you, she said. I also have oatmeal

The last time that I went she had granola bars for me as well. Very sweet…

When I went for the walk, my uncle joined me…

The next morning I got teased for pretending to be sleep while playing games on my iPod.

Me: For your information, I was watching Men with Kids so that I wouldn’t disturb you early-to-bed folks and I was listening to music to quiet my mind after that.

Debbie, my aunt: Yeah, because you didn’t get to quiet your mind when your uncle joined you for a walk.
Hardy har har, my peeps are so funny…

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