Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lock The Ankles Not The Knees

Missed the pool during its closure.

Swim mom (SM) was back and, as she gave her daughter more diving tips, it crossed my mind to ask her if she’d teach me some fundamental diving techniques.

After coaching her daughter for a while, SM worked with her son on the front crawl.

Some of my best swimming tips have come from eavesdropping on adults teaching kids.

Lock the ankles but not the knees…Don’t cross the midline of the body….Left stays on the left and right stays on the right…That’s what the black line is for…

What I like about SM is that she is hands-on, demonstrates, checks for understanding and gives positive feedback. I think she would make a great teacher for adults too…


  1. OMGOSH where have I been? I just saw the shit yogis say video (points upward).
    too funny.


  2. I love hearing about your pool adventures, because even though I've been swimming since I was a toddler, I never learned to swim the RIGHT way (I just kind of paddle around) and I never learned to dive. 50+ years old and I've never dived! Hmmm, sounds like a goal...

  3. @Miz,

    "Has that always been there?" is a question that has come out of my mouth many times...

    That yoga video still entertains me. :)


    Diving is definitely a goal for me. I finally got comfortable with the deep in and I would love to be able to jump off the diving board -- the final frontier in the pool for me. Hopefully, we can scratch it off our to-do lists...

    1. My issue is I always get water up my nose and choke! My husband says "Don't breathe in!" but somehow I can't seem to coordinate it. The closest I've come to diving is flinging myself under the waves at the beach so that they don't knock me over, but even then if I can get a hand on my nose, I do.

      I don't mind the deep end, because as long as it's calm water, like a pool or lake, I can float indefinitely :)

  4. Hmmm, hadn't even thought about the whole getting water up the nose thing.

    I can float for a while. Not so sure about treading water.

    I'm definitely putting diving on the fitness bucket list though...