Monday, November 19, 2012

Words to Watch Out For

Marisa walked over to give me a high five after class Thanks for hanging in there.

A high five was not the only thing that Marisa gave me. Watch out when Marisa works out with you or says Get ready for the pain. I told her that she hadn’t really been treating us with kid gloves up until that point.

We did progressive circuits:

60 seconds of swings, right and left

60 seconds snatches, right and left (120 around the body with a catch for me)

60 seconds clean and press, both sides

90 seconds of swings -- right and left sides

90 seconds of snatches (180 seconds of around the body… for me)

90 seconds of cleans and presses, right and left

120 seconds of swings...

120 seconds of snatches (240 secs of around the body for me)

120 seconds of cleans and presses...

My calluses were very pronounced and the only thing that I could really feel at the end of class.

Should Have Gotten More Than One Tube

More of "This" Needed As Well

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