Wednesday, November 20, 2013

For The Most Part

It's traditionally a swimming night said my coworker who seldom stops in my office but when she does, stops to chat about injuries or events.

She threw me off because she pounced into the office and I thought it was National Swimmer's Night Out or something and that it was fortuitous that I planned to go swimming on such an occasion. I soon found out, though, that Tuesday is the day that my colleague usually swims. She didn't feel like swimming, hasn't felt like swimming in a while and feels guilty. I told her that she's just more into running now and that, eventually, she will return to the pool and that there is no need to feel guilty.

You've told me that before and I try to think about that... she said but my colleague worries that she will struggle the next time that she hits the pool even though she's been swimming for 25 years.

I, on the other hand, was looking forward to hitting the pool. Hadn't been in two weeks.

Enjoyed my shoestring fix. My suit is starting to deteriorate and one of the straps likes to fall off my shoulder and down my arm. The lifeguard told me that I could use a shoestring for a quick fix and it worked like a charm. No more falling strap. I had a good time. Even the post-swimming sound of water rustling in my ear moved me.

I bundled up and, again, rode home with the windows down to combat the congestion that I've been experiencing and it worked -- for the most part.

Went to kettlebell and there were only three of us which made for a quiet night. I missed Crazy Lats and Paige. Having a lively group makes the workout go by much faster. On tap tonight -- 45 seconds for each maneuver:

High Pull, L/R
Dive Bomber Push-Ups
2 KB Squats
TRX Rows

Planks (to knees)
Slam Ball Squat (with a jump)
Mountain Climbers
V Sit-ups
Heavy Two-Hand Swing (20 kb, I think)

We repeated the circuits and somewhere in between we also did cleans and presses... Feeling the need to pull out Cathe's Stretch Max but, first, the dishes...

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