Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fall Slump

Slept in late yesterday and expected to bounce out of bed this morning but it didn't happen. It was okay though because Gloria woke me up with a flowy class.

Tammy and Mike, the first couple of yoga, walked in as I was walking out and Tammy invited me to stay for round two. No, thanks, I responded, Had enough during round one. It was true. The sweat rolled by the time we got to chair pose with a twist and all of that flowing from cobra to downward facing dog to plank, was enough for me.

I had a smile on my face at the end of class so everything was all good.

Felt sleepy close to three and told myself that it was okay to lie down for a while. A while ended up being a two-hour "nap." At some point, I kicked the phone off the bed among other things. Wasn't quite sure what I had done with my glasses but I did realize that Birds of the Rainforest should come off my relaxation playlist; the birds screech too much.

After yoga, went for a walk -- all I've wanted to do lately. The foliage and sun have been amazing.

Checked out the happenings on Twitter and someone that I follow retweeted something from the account:
Each day demands we create our whole world over, disguising the constant horror in a coat of many-colored fictions.
That passage stopped me in my tracks and also made me go in search of a book a poetry by Henry Dumas which I couldn't find but I know that I didn't give it away...


  1. I miss fall *blink* *tear*. Nice photos :)

  2. Thanks...The 2013 colors are awesome. I feel like taking a one tank trip just to admire the scenery.