Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Something I Would Never Ask Marisa

Went looking for pants and brown shoes and, of course, I ended up in the active wear section.

When I saw this Nike shirt, I knew that it was a question that I would never pose to Marisa.

Went to select a kettlebell but Marisa said that there was no need. She had everything ready for our pyramid workout.

Pull-Up (On Bar or TRX), 10 x's
Heavy Swing, 10 x's
Alternating V Sit-up with 8 lb Medicine Ball, 10 (each leg)
Squat Jump, 10
Bulgarian Bag Swings, 10 (each direction)
Snatch, 10 (per arm)
Squat, 10
Push-up, 10
Plank (knee to elbow), 10


Pull-Up (On Bar or TRX), 9 x's
Heavy Swing, 9 x's
Alternating V Sit-up with 8 lb Medicine Ball, 9 (each leg)
Squat Jump, 9
Bulgarian Bag Swings, 9 (each direction)
Snatch, 9 (per arm)
Squat, 9
Push-up, 9
Plank (knee to elbow), 9

Well, you get the picture. We made it to the four rep point precisely when class was slated to end.

During the workout, I put my mat down for the push-up station and Julia asked me if it was okay if she used my mat. I told her yes and she said I'm thankful for Andrea.

Later on Julia told me that she was going to need a sip of water at some point. It was a workout that I felt invigorated by so I kind of bulldozed through it. I think that when I'm faced when this kind of workout, there is part of me that doesn't want to stop because I don't know if I'll be able to resume the workout.

I kept glancing at Marisa's whiteboard but didn't really study it so Julia caught me off guard when I heard something that sounded like ass to grass (squats). Marisa thought I might be offended but Julia straightened her out -- She's not offended. Julia was on a roll tonight.

After kettlebell, I soaked for a bit and caught up on magazines that have been accumulating in a wicker basket. I read a short article (Health, October 2013) called Sports Bras Don't Have to Hurt. What caught my attention is LaJean Lawson's credential. She's a leading expert on breast motion. Didn't know there was such a field.

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