Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Yes, 38 Of Them

The B-day Girl Demoing the B-Bag for a Newbie
It's Marisa's birthday but she wanted to give us a gift.


Marisa wasn't sure if she had divided everything up properly but I told her Don't worry. Tiffany is going to take care of any discrepancies or logistics when she arrives.

Jumping Jacks, 38
Two-Hand Swings, 38
Push-ups, 38
Goblet Squats...
Presses, 38
V Sit-ups (Alternating with Med Ball)
Mountain Climbers
Tactical Lunges
Snatches (19 L, 19 R)

Did I mention that I'm digging the kettlebell snatches? They wear me out but I feel powerful when I do them.

After the first circuit, we all reported to a station.

Slam Ball (30 lbs)
Bulgarian Bag, (19 -- each direction)
Battle Ropes, 38
Military-style Push-ups
Triceps Extension on TRX

It was kind of a cool workout because we did it together and counted off reps. Julia told me, in so many words, to slow my roll when I counted of presses and I wanted Tiffany to slow down during tactical lunges. It's cool that we're strong in different areas.

The last official task of the workout was burpees. Yes, 38 of them.

Paige and Jessica Rabbit a. k. a. Crazy Lats and Bowls were clowning. I did a modified version of burpees like I usually do. At some point, I asked Paige where she was at in the count and knew that I was going to stop when she did. I give mad props to Julia who's been working on burpees. It took her a while but she did 38...

Marisa said that she got the sweetest greeting from her brother who said that she looks younger than she did five years ago and that, surely, working out is contributing to her youthful countenance.

Guess what Marisa bought herself? An orange 70 pound kettlebell. I'm sure that it will be featured in a future workout.

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