Saturday, November 23, 2013

I Want What Ellen Wants

Thing one...not talking about the root chakra -- associated with survival and security or maybe I am.  I lost one pound and it's ridiculous how satisfied I feel.

First, the scale moved and not in the direction that I wanted and the needle stayed in the same place -- apparently stuck.

I've tweaked the diet a bit and I've tried to make more of a commitment to discomfort i.e. high intensity interval training.

I feel better. I think my clothes fit better. We'll see.

I've been into Sleek Sculpt Express lately. It's a 30 minute workout but I usually tack on bonus exercise as well. In my world, I feel more comfortable when I can get in at least 60 minutes of exercise.

Almost each time that I exercise with Ellen Barrett, her words capture my attention:

I think of movement as a treat.
If you need to sit on the floor, you can do it...If you need to carry a heavy bag, you can do it...If you need to sprint through the airport, you can do it.
I want to be highly functional. In essence, I want my comfort zone to be large.
 I want you to feel invigorated not irritated.

I want what Ellen wants. Her comfort talk reminds me of a season two episode of Louie. Louis CK's character says that he only has the stamina for a life of comfort.

Went to a fundamental yoga class this afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed it. I felt so content afterward; thanks Elle for guiding...

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