Friday, August 22, 2014

And, Finally...

Another bad dream:

I'm in a school setting and there's a child that's in my care and the child stabs someone with an ink pen. I remove the child from the situation and take them to another adult and I warn the adult about the child's behavior. Again, the child stabs with a writing utensil. The ritual of taking the child is repeated again.

Bizarre and disturbing but here are some things that have moved me lately.

  • I like the "Mike Brown" card that Mary Engelbreit created. 

  • Engelbreit said When situations turn horrible and I find it hard to move on, I usually draw my way through it....

  • Enjoyed Drugs, a Daughter, and Death: Mark Twain's Final Years, an Aloud podcast.

  • Favorite line: She (Isabel Lyon) would fluff his (Mark Twain's) hair.

  • Also enjoyed Yoga, Meditation in Action -- Krista Tippett's conversation with Seane Corn.

  • Corn says:

    In the practice of yoga when you're releasing the tension organically through the practice of asana day in and day out, the emotions that are embedded in our cellular tissue begin to arise.

    Corn also said something intriguing about manifestations of our collective thoughts.

  • Line that stuck with me from Luis Alberto Urrea's book: "To your right, the fabled American border."

  • And, finally, found this gesture very touching.

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