Sunday, August 10, 2014

Turn On The Flashlight

Red-Winged Black Bird, Addition to Mural
Saturday, how do I love thee?

Stayed in bed until 8:30 then made preparations to depart for the Riverfront Trail. Not too many people on the trail -- probably because it was so dang muggy and cloudy.

Alison and I had a "short" outing of 16 miles, parted then met back up for Yoga Rocks The Park. And the park was rocking with live music and Katie Brauer, director of yoga programming at Yoga Six.

What did Brauer have us do for six minutes? Get to know a stranger. She likes to play games especially on, say, a delayed plane. You tell someone in three minutes what's important to you, how many siblings you have etc.

Um, yeah, I don't play games like that and neither does Rosie. April, who came with Rosie, said that we were cheating but Donna, my Monday night yoga teacher, assured us that it was okay for us to sit together and that's one of the things that I like about Donna; she very reassuring.

Alison, Pre-Practice Knitting (Donna in Corner)
April and Rosie

Next, we jumped as if we were the rap duo Kriss Kross. I got all kinds of tired even though I'm supposed to be in shape. After we jumped, we put our hands over our hearts and stomachs and it was so cool to take the time to stop and feel my heart beating so energetically.

Brauer encouraged us to Turn on the flashlight in our lives to see what isn't glowing. 

Very early in the practice Brauer also told us that she believes in fun and it showed because we had a very fun practice as we put our mats to the side and used the grass. Actually, I was able to get way more traction with the grass than I've been able to do with some yoga mats including my outdoor one.

It was a magical day from the beginning when I spotted the fast yellow birds again on the Riverfront Trail and when I spotted a subtle rainbow in the park at the end of savasana. Seeing the rainbow made me think even more about what Katie said about owning your life and showing up for it and how we have support -- they way we held hands and supported each other while doing balance poses.

Subtle Rainbow
New Wildflowers on Riverfront Trail
He Loves Music. Had Some Kind of Boombox.

On the verge of a collective bow to celebrate showing up on the stage.

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