Tuesday, August 26, 2014

How I Look

Two weeks ago, my Aunt Al said that my hair was cute.

I have more hair on top of my head than I've had in the last ten years and not because I wanted a change; I struggled to make it to the barber. Friday's really the best day but after working all week I fell knackered and don't feel like waiting around for a haircut.

Saturday's been all about bicycling. Guess I could go on Saturday evening but I figured that the world wouldn't come to an end if my lining wasn't precise and my hair was a little shabby and the funny thing about growing my hair is that it now takes twice as long for a haircut.

Two days ago, my Aunt Al asked me how long I was going to let my grow then You look like a totally different person which is totally appropriate because I feel like a different person. I'm occupying some weird space -- almost in some kind of hyper observant mode. I'm still having weird dreams too.

Last night, I had a camera that worked and stored pictures but I couldn't access them. Billie Holiday sculptures also made it into my dream and I haven't listened to any Holiday in a very long time.

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