Friday, August 8, 2014

Frosting-Covered Memories

I was happy to see Shawny who was back after a three week hiatus. Shawny's the one who picks the Zumba routines that make my Fitbit go wild. Plus, she's just a fun teacher.

Shawny handed down the rules to the new people -- something about shaking one's booty and smiling and, early in the class, she mentioned chili cheese fries as a reason that she's been unable to lose weight despite exercising. But I'm a work in progress, she added.

I was in such a good mood after class. Thank you Shawny and classmates including the woman to my left who kept smiling as we both botched several routines...

I've been catching up on Last Comic Standing and Rocky Laporte made me chuckle:
What's sad is that I workout and weigh this much. I gotta workout just to stay kind of fat.
We talk about muscle memory a lot when we climb. Unfortunately, I have cupcake memory too. Didn't eat any but it was hard to walk away. Memories...

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