Sunday, October 26, 2014

Getting Together

New Graffiti, Riverfront Trail
I have an open invitation to bicycle with Patti but I check in with Alison first since we've been bicycling together for many Saturdays this year.

Getting together is such a tricky thing. I'm pretty sure that Alison would have liked to bike on Patti's side of the river but I also knew that time was a factor. Plus, Patti couldn't bicycle in the morning etc. etc.

Alison apologized for confirming with me late and said that she understood if I'd made alternate plans. I told her to get out of town. I had not made alternate plans. Alison wasn't sure if she had enough pep in her step, hence the delayed confirmation, but surmised, about the time that we reached mile one, that she was doing just fine.

My bike, on the other hand, is not doing so fine. I kept wondering why it was leaning on the couch -- especially after I had already set it upright. I have not one but two flat tires. I really wish that the people who drink on the Riverfront Trail would take the extra step and dispose of their bottles properly. I might be able to fix the front tire but I'm not going to even mess around with the rear one and that's $15 bucks plus tax per tire...

The 'Fugee (hvala puno) surprised me with tickets to the Fox Theatre's production of Dirty Dancing. It was kind of funny because I had also been invited to a meditation event featuring Sri Sri Ravi Shankar but that didn't pan out.

Fancy Light at Fox Theatre
I'm not a huge fan of musicals but I enjoyed Dirty Dancing probably because of the dancing and, oh my God, Jennlee Shallow sang a part of We Shall Overcome, and blew me away despite the fact that the song gets on my nerves.

I felt like Shallow's voice entered at my head and went to the bottom of my feet. She has such a powerful voice.

It was nice to see that everyone kept their phones off, except for one person toward the end of the show who couldn't resist texting someone. Lots of people dressed up too. Wish that I had taken a picture of Arabela's shoes and Christal's boots.


  1. Sorry about the tires (you and Mich, flat tires on the same day!) but the show sounds great. I've only seen one - South Pacific - and it was so exciting I thought my head would explode.

    I've never liked the movie Dirty Dancing, but would be willing to give the play a chance. Because it wouldn't have Patrick Swayze, whom I never liked. Also I always felt like the aspect of it being a Jewish resort in the Catskills was more central to the story than was portrayed in the movie, and I suspect there was some conflict related to the performers being Gentiles. I'm guessing, but presumably it's based on a book and I strongly suspect those aspects were brought out more, which would make for a richer story. Well, maybe I'll look for the book...

  2. Not Mich too. I am going to become more comfortable which changing flats. I can change a flat tire on my car so there's no reason why I shouldn't be able to do that for my bike.

    I love it that South Pacific was that exciting.

    Confession: I never saw the DD movie. Wrote that in the post then deleted it.