Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The World Doesn't Work Like That

Chatty Kathleen had been going to the pool in the morning but she's switched times again. She told me that she had just gotten over a marathon migraine. I lost three days and the world doesn't work like that. Totally related. We live in such a hurry up world where you need to get over xyz and merge back into the lane that you were traveling in.

I gave the podcast Snap Judgment another try. The first episode that I attempted to listen to was Gratitude 2013. Found the voice and story totally annoying and only listened to about five minutes. Decided to give Snap Judgment another try and listened to The Great Outdoors.

I totally sympathized with Randy Brown who lived with his wife in "the great outdoors" but was legally forced to move. Brown's wife says that his job history was, essentially, one paragraph about subsisting off the land and, about his search for a mainstream job et al, Brown said that living in Virginia (can't remember which city) was a lot tougher than any year out in the woods.

I'm still listening to the StoryCorps podcast and really liked Bright in Spots. A son tells his father how he admires the way he was able to provide for his family and the father responds.
You know you do your best, kid, that's what you do but honestly your best not just a BS best.


  1. I really like Snap Judgment, but not every episode. That's the thing with any of the story-telling podcasts - sometimes the guests are annoying or boring. And apparently I'm easily annoyed by people's voice quality or vocal mannerisms. I absolutely cannot STAND Terry Gross because of the way she uptalks and says "um" so frequently. She may be brilliant, smart, funny, kind--whatever--but I can't even listen to her! Same with Pop Culture Happy Hour: the creaky voice is intolerable to me...

  2. I've been spoiled by The Moth...and On Being. Have you heard Krista Tippett's voice? Love it. Also, I really like Body Sphere by Australian Amanda Smith. Don't know if she has any new shows but...