Friday, October 31, 2014

Walks In Three Parts or Month-End Review, October

Before yoga practice, Gloria likes to read from Meditations from the Mat. I was still shocked when she read Day 300. I was shocked again when Rebecca (before practice) said that time would be set back this Sunday.

I think my body knew though. I kept going for walks -- short walks, long walks and walks in three parts. I'm going to miss hitting the pavement after work...

10 Minute Solution: Butt lift
*Cardio Booty Camp 1 x

10 Minute Solution: KnockOut BODY!
*Knockout Body Blast, 4 x's

Bicycling, 2 x's

Climbing, 3 x's

Just Walk: Walk to the Hits, Party Songs
*Mile 1, 4 x's
*Mile 2, 1 x

Kettlebell Beginner Routine, 2 x's

*Kenpo X, 3 x's

Stretch Max
*Stability Ball, 1 x

Swimming, 5 x's

Walking, 22 x's

Yoga, 9 x's

Zumba, 5 x's

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