Saturday, October 18, 2014

If You Want To Bicycle

Alison emailed me and wanted to know if it was biking weather.

It is if you want to bicycle, I replied back.

It's been two Saturdays since I've been on my bike and I was happy to head to the Riverfront Trail. Didn't expect the wind though. Alison wondered if that first hill that we struggled to get up was going to be the litmus test for the rest of the ride. We felt like we were going all of two miles per hour and, usually, the wind is worse on the way back but, luckily, not today.

As I got ready to hoist my bike on the rack, this woman was stretching like she hadn't stretched in years. I told her that she was making me feel guilty. I went for a much longer ride than I had anticipated and then I got lost, she said. I knew that the stretcher had gone over into Illinois because my colleague also wandered over one day and the area beyond the Chain of Rocks Bridge is not well marked.

All of a sudden, the stretcher started doing push-ups. Don't think that I've ever done push-ups as a part of a stretching routine but to each her own...

Limestone Taken from Mississippi River (Near Pump House)

Pack of Turkeys
Gorgeous Clouds


  1. "It is if you want to bicycle"... There's an entire philosophy in that sentence.

    I think the stretcher did the pushups to impress you.

  2. Alison had the same sentiment about the stretcher and it was Alison's turn to be wise when I asked "Why is it so windy?"

    "It's weather," she said.

  3. LOL! Because reasons.